About Church Anonymous.

Recovery from the Church?  Yes, for those who are done or almost done with organized religion but not their faith.  And for those who are “staying” but long for something more.

They’re called by many names:  “Church Alumni,” “Church Refugees,” the Dechurched, or those who are “Unchurching,” but they are those who hunger, long and yearn for something more from church and in church or out of the church.  They want more than “Mere Churchianity.” 

They sit in church on Sunday mornings and ask themselves, “WHAT AM I MISSING?” and “There has to be something more?” or “Is this what it’s all about?”  They often don’t feel safe enough to ask the questions circulating in their minds about God, faith, the church, Jesus etc.  They feel they’ll be branded as non christians or even a heretics if they ask those kinds of questions.  And who would they ask anyway?!

I often run into a lot of people like this who say they are spiritual but not religious – meaning they want to experience “life to the full” now and their church participation or religious tradition doesn’t seem to help them to do that, especially on Sunday mornings that consists in many places as just lots of singing, a long lecture and always an offering plate.

If any of this describes you, I want you to know that I understand, I get it and I’ve have had many of the same thoughts and feelings.  Perhaps this is all actually GOOD NEWS, rather than bad news.  Something seems to be changing and shifting and perhaps the church is being reshaped and a new church is on the horizon?!

So, I want to invite you to journey with me.  I’m not starting another church, trying to encourage people not to attend worship or “bad mouthing” the church.  But through CHURCH ANONYMOUS I’m exploring this topic and learning more because I want to help Christians and Pastors tend to this important trend these days.

I simply am and desire to be a real pastor, helping real people come to a real and authentic faith in real life with all their real questions and real struggles in order to live a real life.  And to help make the church real and relevant again, if I can.