About My Classes/Courses/Retreats – Bill Johnson

About My Classes/Courses/Retreats – Bill Johnson

Finding the way!  It’s all about getting back to the heart and “THE WAY” that Jesus taught (which is beyond shallow “churchianity.”)

Here are some classes, online courses and retreats that I offer and am developing.  I can customize all of them depending on whether you’d like a weekly class or retreat options etc.


The Way of Love

How to Love God, Others, Yourself and Life.  Including the “Greatest Forgotten Commandment.”

The Way of Prayer

How to pray continually, practice the presence of God constantly and make your whole life a prayer.  Including “Forgotten Ways to Pray.”

The Way of Transformation

Change your mind, change your life!  How to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Change your life – change your mind.  How to live out Romans 12:2

The Way of Outrageous Openness and Radical Trust

How to live out Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trusting God with our hearts and following God with our hearts.  People always have told me to trust in God, but know one told me how.  This class focuses on the “how’s” of Trust and how to live a life of wonderful adventure with God.  (Bonus: Praying from the Heart – a Prayer of Remembrance.)

The Way of Meditation

The benefits, beauty and simplicity of meditation and how to do it.


An Online “DIY” Blue Christmas Worship Service

A meaningful, reflective and contemplative service to help you express your sadness or grief to God, and to find hope and a glimmer of light during this time of the year.

Use it just for yourself, and/or invite a small group of friends or family to participate with you.  And consider giving it as a gift to someone whose experienced the death of a loved one this past year.