For a for a different and deeper kind of worship experience this Christmas – with unique poems, readings, songs and reflections – Join us on Wednesday Dec. 20th 7:00-8:30

Blue Christmas Service 1

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? NOT!

A Christmas song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Except, it’s not, for many people who have experienced loss and grief in the past year and who are struggling with darkness, spiritual pain, sorrow or grief during this “joyful” season of the year.  A SERVICE OF HEALING AND HOPE FOR ALL.

Blue Feelings and the Longest Night

Blue Candles

A Blue Christmas Service is also known as a Service of the Longest Night. During this season we literally experience the longest night of the year. But the name, “Longest Night”, also describes the BLUE feelings that a number of us have during this season. In the long, dark winter nights, memories of past experiences and the pain of present experiences and situations can become overwhelming. For some, Christmas Day is the most difficult. For others, Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve, or the beginning of another lonely year. So you can use this service at anytime during this winter season.

This is a service out of the Christian tradition, but it’s also for those who are more spiritual than religious and/or are just looking for a different and deeper kind of worship experience this Christmas.

Blue CandleThis service can help you to:

Acknowledge and honor your pain and loss.
Give yourself permission to continue to grieve.
Remember that you are not alone. Others are having their blue Christmas’s too.
Have your heart “touched” through music and poems.
Express yourself through words of lament.
Communicate your sorrow to God through prayer.
Find hope and Emmanuel even in the midst of darkness.