I love being a Pastor and I love the church.

And so far, I’ve had three great church love affairs.  The church I grew up in and that most profoundly shaped my faith – First Covenant St. Paul, MN.   And being a Youth Pastor at Naperville Covenant and Senior Pastor at Monticello Covenant.

Naperville Covenant

I loved being a Youth Pastor.  Naperville Covenant – you know who you are!! I loved you and love you and those were magic years of being your Youth Pastor. To all my kids – you are still all my kids! I still think of you as my kids and call you my kids. I love you and loved sharing those years with you. I feel the joy even thinking about it. Thank you for the privilege of sharing in your lives.

I have loved being a Senior Pastor at Monticello Covenant.

Monticello Covenant

Youth Pastors often say, “I’ll never be one of those Senior Pastors!” But I became one and I loved it. Those were great years for me at Monti Cov. I’m so grateful for the opportunity, the experiences, the learning and for all who touched my life.

Thank you one and all for the your lives, your faith and allowing me the privilege of serving you.  I am forever grateful.