Here are the answers to some typical questions I get asked:

How much do you charge?


I don’t require a deposit or have a “contract.”

What does that include?

Getting acquainted session either in person or via skype.

Unlimited email support.

Ceremony and Meditation prep.

A beautiful and personal wedding ceremony and meditation with comments about the couple.

Attendance at rehearsal on the day of the wedding before the ceremony.

Performing the wedding.

Wedding license signatures.

Drive time and mileage.

When do we pay you?

You can pay me on the day of the wedding sometime before the ceremony.

How often do we have to meet with you before the ceremony?

Two answers to this question:

Zero.  I’ve married couples who I’ve only met on the day of the ceremony.  We’ve done all our correspondence and planning through email.

Once.  Some couples like to meet with me before to get acquainted and see  if I’m a real human being.

Do we need to meet more often?  Not really.  I take care of all the details of the ceremony for you and email works just fine.  We can skype if you need.

Do you require pre-marital counseling?

No.  But I recommend it.  I have several sessions that I offer.  Pick and choose which ones you’d like.  Whether you do one or several they’ll help you build a strong marriage.  (Click here for more info)

What’s the cost for pre-marital sessions?

$100 for each 90 minute session.  MN requires 12 hours of pre marital therapy only saves you $40 for a reduced fee on your marriage license, I DON”T require this.  So, if you do it – do it for your relationship not the money.

How long is a typical ceremony?

Approx. 30 minutes long when there’s a unity/sand ceremony etc. and depending on other special music and readings etc.

Will you help us to plan the ceremony?  Is there a typical ceremony that you use?

Yes, I take care of planning the ceremony and I have a basic ceremony that I use.  We’ll add your personal touches to it, but here is my simple format:

  • Seating of the family
  • Wedding party enters
  • Optional:  Little humans enter (if the bribery works)
  • Here comes the bride!
  • Welcome and prayer
  • Optional:  Special music
  • Special reading(s)
  • Message (A short personal and spiritual message)
  • Exchanging of vows and rings
  • Optional:  Special Music  (Sand ceremony, unity candle etc..)
  • Prayer of blessing
  • Sealed with a kiss!
  • Presentation of the new Mr. and Mrs.!

How do you make the ceremony personal?

I’ll email you specific questions about a month before the wedding that incorporate in my meditation and ceremony that adds a nice personal touch.

Other ways you can make it a personal ceremony:

  • Through a ritual (Sand ceremony, unity candle, wine ceremony etc.)
  • Special music and songs.
  • Special readings or poems and someone to read them.
  • Writing and speaking your own vows.
  • Recognizing by name special people who have passed on.
  • etc…

Do you mention God during the ceremony?


I would describe my ceremonies as spiritual and meaningful rather than religious.  Informal rather than formal.  Contemporary rather than traditional.  A beautiful simple ritual to celebrate your marriage.

Do you do a meditation during the ceremony?

Yes.  I do a brief 10 minute (max) meditation about God and love with personal comments I’ve incorporated from the bride and groom.

Do you have a video of a service or meditation you’ve done?

No.  But, if it’s helpful, here is a link to my youtube channel where you can check out some of my 5 minute mini sermons.

Do you pray during the ceremony?

Yes.  I ask guests to pray or be in a spirit of prayer as we reflect together and send blessings to the couple.

Do you come to the rehearsal?

No.  Most rehearsals these days usually happen right before the ceremony.  But I do arrive an hour before the ceremony and can run through the simple logistics with you very quickly.  It’s basically process up, stand there, and recess out.  Very simple – and we only need a few minutes to know what to do and where to go.  (No additional fees for the rehearsal the day of just before the ceremony.)

What about the wedding license?

You apply for a wedding license at your county courthouse.  (Cost for the MN wedding license is approx $115. )  Be sure to bring it with you on the day of your ceremony!  We’ll sign it before the ceremony.  Depending on the license the Bride and Groom usually don’t sign it, only your witnesses and myself.  I’ll take care of mailing the license in within 5 days so you’re legal!

Do you stay for dinner?

If you invite me, I just might stay depending on my schedule.  I can’t refuse a good meal!

What if you get sick or something and can’t be there?

Hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood).  If something like that does happen I will try to find a replacement.

If that doesn’t answer most of your questions shoot me an email.