About This Website:  

God is always sneaking up on me. Not just in church or through the bible but also in so many others ways as well.  It’s as if all of life is a church where I meet an extraordinary God in the ordinariness of my days, which actually make God and life quite extraordinary.  Emmaus is everywhere and always happening!

So here’s my growing collection of what I call, “spiritual reminders” that have touched my heart and I hope will touch your heart as well.  It’s simply my own personal “Chicken Soup for the Soul” collection.  So browse and click on SPIRITUAL REMINDERS or these specific links: Poems, Quotes, StoriesPrayers until you find something that touches your heart also and leave a reply.  I’d love to hear from you! (You can follow here as well: Pastor Bill Online).

I not only love life, faith, and God but also the Church. The church has been my life and I have found life through the church.  I know church and I know ministry.  But I also know that “church” isn’t working for a lot of people these days and they’re “dechurching.”  I’ve been a pastor in the church for a long time and I have a heart for those who are done or almost done with religion but not their faith or Jesus.  So, here you’ll also find some reflections and thoughts about going “beyond Churchianity” as well.

Also, if you’re looking for a 5 minute sermon on a Sunday morning you might want to check out my SIMPLE SUNDAY SERMONS.  I could have named it BS – Bill’s Sermons, but Simple Sunday Sermons sounds a better!

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I hope you enjoy this website, it’s a work in progress.  Even if you don’t, that’s OK.  I’m doing it for myself and my kids to perhaps leave a legacy or just some small simple reminders of what touched their Dad’s heart on his journey though life.