About this Website

Here are some of my reflections on life, faith, ministry and the church.  Some quotes, poems, stories etc. that struck me – “Spiritual Reminders” that spoke to me and I hope might “speak” to you as well.

Here you’ll also find some “Simple Sunday Sermons” that I hope will encourage you in your life and faith.

About Me

I’ve been a youth pastor, senior pastor, hospital chaplain and am also a licensed therapist.

In my ministry now my desire is to come alongside and help…

…People who are struggling in their life.

…Christians who are struggling in their faith.

…Pastors who are struggling in ministry.

About My Services

Ways that I might be able to help you…

Counseling (For more info click here)

Weddings (For more info click here)

If you or those you know might be in need of a pastor to create and lead a funeral for a loved one, I’d be glad to help.  I’ll create something beautiful to honor them and remember then with you in a service wherever you’d like one – in a church, your home, a park etc. wherever.

Preaching, Speaking, Teaching etc.
I’d be glad to share a sermon, a seminar or workshop that I’ve created for you or create a special one for you depending on what you’re needing and wanting.