Spiritual Care and Counseling – Pastor Bill Johnson

If a “picture is worth a thousand words” – here’s what I think spiritual care and counseling is all about (with your clothes on of course!!) and what I want to experience more of in my life and help others to experience more fully as well.  (It’s called the “Freedom Sculpture.”)

Freedom Sculpture

(The glorious freedom of the children of God Rom. 8:21.  For freedom Christ has set us free. Gal 5:1.  You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32.)

It’s about FREEDOM.

It’s about COMING ALIVE and living FULLY.  It’s not about ordinary life and surviving but learning how to thrive.

It’s about the “knowing the TRUTH that will set you free.” (Remembering the truth about who God is, who we are, and what life is about.)

It’s about moving from FEAR TO LOVE.

It’s about “being TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind.” (Spiritual Mind Training)

It’s about CHOICE, TRUST and a “perfect love that drives out fear.”

My Specialties:

  • Depression, Fear and Anxiety
  • Spiritual and Faith Issues
  • Past Abuse and/or Trauma.  (For more info on Rapid Resolution Therapy RRT click here)
  • I also offer short term premarital and marital counseling as well.

Questions?  I’d be glad to answer them.  Contact me by email bill@billjohnsononline.com, phone 612-968-2918, or through this contact form.

For payment:

Please click the button below to donate to me at “Spero Counseling Services.” Thanks much. Bill (By the way, “spero” is latin for hope.)