Becoming myself.  “Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself.”  Soren Keirkegaard

Perhaps we think that we have to become like someone else, or be someone else in order to be accepted or approved.  Sometimes we don’t like ourselves very much, especially as we compare ourselves with other people.  What would it be like to come in to our own?  To know beyond a shadow of doubt that as we are, we are as we should be, as God created us to be?  To become who God crated us to be is the task.  To get back to the original, to be the original, our original.  To remove the fears, barriers, the limiting beliefs, that we erect that prevent us from being fully ourselves.  There’s a passage in the bible that says, “We are God’s original workmanship.” (Eph. 2:10)  A translation of that passage says it this way – “We are God’s work of art.  God’s masterpiece.”  So why should I ever put myself down or for that matter any other person as well.  Life is not a comparison game, though we so often make it so.  With God’s help and our own, we become ourselves.  Perhaps together we become like sculptures, slowly chipping away at all that is not us and simply letting it fall away.  So, who are you?  At your core, who are you?  We never really think about that question do we?  Why not make a list?  Try to get to your essence.  Who does your heart tell you, you are?  Perhaps, that is the start of becoming ourselves.  Underneath all that you may perceive as negative or marring is the beautiful image of you at the core.

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