A Parody of Modern Church Services. It’s important to laugh at ourselves from time to time isn’t it? To not take ourselves too seriously? Sometimes to even laugh at our own most sacred traditions in order to keep them fresh, alive and new?

As a pastor there was a day I hoped that we could have a “cool” and contemporary worship service like this. I remember the first time I went to a church and they started their service with “Beautiful Day” by U2 as the opening song. I loved it and I thought this is how to do it in order to connect with people.

But maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and I’m not as cool or hip as I once was, if I ever was!? Maybe it’s that I’ve spent too many years as a pastor trying to plan these kinds of “relevant” worship services? Or maybe it’s from my own experience now when I visit church churches on a Sunday morning and all I get is 30 minutes of singing that’s called worship and a 30 minute lecture that’s called preaching and I feel sad and frustrated thinking that this can’t be God’s intention. My soul longs for something more and I know I can’t be the only one.

So I’m setting out on a journey. I think I’m “done” with this kind of church on a Sunday morning! I can hardly “stomach” it any more. I wonder if Jesus could? “How can that be?” you may ask especially since you’re a Christian and a Pastor? Yes, I’ve been in the religion business for a long time. I know it well. I don’t have all the answers but I feel more alive than I have in a long time as I follow Jesus’s way beyond religion.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts and feelings about “worshiptainment” and “contemporvent” services. Are you done with it or considering being done? What do you long for that’s deeper than this kind of service?

Consider joining me on the journey at my Facebook Group Church Anonymous.

Also consider reflecting on this quote about Crash Helmets for Worship. Maybe that’s what we all long for really – the experience of living and coming alive in God.

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