Revolutionary Happiness.  “The most revolutionary act one can commit in this world is to be happy.”  Patch Adams

Change me O God into one who constantly chooses to be happy.  For joy is who I really am in you.  But I so easily lose my perspective.  Help me to remember that happiness is a choice and that happiness is an inside job.  When I remember my identity in you, how could I not be happy for all is more than well.  Remind me again that there is nothing “out there” that will make me truly happy within.  For once I get it, I find that it doesn’t make me completely happy.  Forgive me for being more devoted to misery than happiness.  And I forgive myself for doing so as well.  You are love.  You are joy.  I am your child.  I am in you.  Therefore, I must also be, at my core, this same love and joy.  It’s a gift that is mine in you and nothing can take your gifts away from me.  It’s a gift from you and it’s who I am.  I not only can feel joy, and feel joyful, but I am joyful.  I am joy.  It’s not just a characteristic of my personality, but the core of who I am.

Being the light of the world and following the Master must certainly have something to do with being happy and choosing to be so no matter what!  Change something?  Change your mind!

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