Your Breath.

An average person takes 16 breaths a minute, 960 an hour, 23,040 a day, 8,409,600 a year. How many of those do we take for granted?

Someday we’ll take our last. What an important reminder to be aware to mindfully breathe, become present and enjoy our lives while we have breath.

And some say not all breaths are created equal. There’s something about taking a mindful breath, a breath with awareness, that deepens our lives. Not even all breaths are equal – there are some that take our breath away. Someone once also said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” But maybe if we’re more mindful of our breath, we’ll be more appreciative also of the times that take our breath away.

This short 3 minute film is about life, breath, awareness, gratitude. I found it to be a beautiful meditation and reminder for my life and about the source of life, and how to go deeper into life with the simple cue of breath.

Be sure to take a deep breath at 2:01…

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“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.”
Sylvia Plath

“I just want people to take a step back, take a deep breath and actually look at something with a different perspective. But most people will never do that.”
Brian McKnight

“A human being is only breath and shadow.”

“The sun, the earth, love, friends, our very breath are parts of the banquet.”
Rebecca Harding Davis

“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.”
Mary Manin Morrissey

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