100 Years of Beauty: Aging Video.

Every young couple, before getting married should watch this video.  It’s wonderful.  When we’re young we concentrate on the outward beauty, the skin, the form of the one we love.  But isn’t there something within that we’re even more attracted to – the inner beauty, the inner spirit, the soul of the one we love.  That glittering image behind and beyond the body.

The emotion that creeps up on them, as they see each other age, is so wonderful and such an incredible perspective giver.  A beautiful reminder to love and appreciate one another no matter how many days and years we might get to live with the ones we love the most.

It’s a good thing to live with this long ragne perspective.  It can be a depressing thought that this won’t last forever.  We don’t like to think about that.  But it can also be an inspiring thought.  For as she saids in the video when reflecting on last words, “I guess I would always just want to make sure that he knew how much I loved him.”  So why not live that way now, today in this moment.

When their emotions arise they’re caught up in their deeper spiritual connection.

It’s hard to look past the fact that we all think we’re just bodies in this world.  And especially when we’re young – it’s all about the body.  Our culture focuses on our bodies and our body image is one of our main concerns.  But have we forgotten that we are not bodies?  We are something more?  Teilhard de Chardin has one of my favorite quotes where he says, “We are not human beings who happen to be spiritual, but we are spiritual beings who are having a human experience.”  We are more than our bodies.  And i think a big part of life and relationships is to remember this.

Yes, in marriage appreciate and enjoy one another’s bodies, but go even deeper and see that one you’ve shared your vows with as holy, sacred and eternal.  Doing so, helps us to keep the proper perspective that can help us love even more deeply for as many days we get here with our “earth suits” on and perhaps even when we shed them.  For love endures forever.

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