ACIM Prayer – Lesson 244

“I am safe wherever I may be, for You are there with me. I need but call upon Your Name, and I will recollect my safety and Your Love, for they are one. How can I fear or doubt or fail to know I cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience unhappiness, when I belong to You, beloved and loving, in the safety of Your Fatherly embrace?”

This is one of my favorite prayers form A Course in Miracles.  A beautiful echo of the love in Psalm 46 and Song of Solomon (6:3).

Why am I always safe?  Becasue God is with me.  God is always with me.  I may be unaware often of God’s presence, but it doesn’t take away the fact that God is present with me and in me.  This is the reality that I live in.  To remember is simply call on God’s name and then I recollect it all and even feel the safety and the love of God.  The love of God is my safety!  In that reality and that thought I can never be “unsafe” or suffer or even experience unhappiness.  So why is it that I fear?  Because I forget!  My spiritual amnesia runs deep about my identity in God.  Why do I fear?  Why do I suffer?  Why do I experience happiness?  Because I’ve failed to remember, to recollect to reflect upon the truth that I belong to God.  God is my beloved and I am God’s beloved.  I am loving God and God is loving me all the in same moment.  “I am my beloved’s and he is mine.”  Why am I safe?  Because I am in God’s embrace.  No matter what happens in this world, no matter what the appearances seem to be and no matter how real I may think they are, there is a deeper reality of being in God and God in me – my ultimate safety, happiness, security and joy.

I am in danger nowhere in the world!  In God we are secure!  Yes, yes, yes!

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