God of My Future

O, God of My Future:
Today, I dive into waters, unknown.
The sudden embrace of its cold startles me, awakens hiding fear.
I do not know about the next, or how it may be cruel.
I need your help, God.
To trust more than I doubt.
Rest more than wrestle.
I am afraid of the future. And yet, You are already there.
I live in the unknown. And yet, You live with me.
I want to dance where I now sit, scared, in corners.
I want You to see me, know who I am, recognize my inability to be anything but rattling bones without You.
I need strength. I need hope. I need promises. I need safety.
More than anything, I need to be able to face what I do not know with courage I do not have.
This, God, will only come from You.
So help me not be scared.
Give me eyes to see beyond the natural.
And when my flesh threatens to pull me under in the waters of fear, come with strong hands to bring me back to life.

A Puritan Prayer

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