It’s Good to be Dull.

I watched this video recently and smiled, laughed and chuckled all the way through.  So, I think it’s worthy of making my website as a spiritual reminder.  Always note when you laugh and smile – something good in the spirit is going on and you’re gaining a much needed perspective.

There on to something, and it’s a repeated theme through the spiritual reminders on this website – enjoying life, finding joy in the present moment and seeing that even the ordinary can be extraordinarily wonderful.

Sure they might be a little obsessive or compulsive in their own way, but they sure seem free and happy.  There seems to be a teaching lesson when you can find joy in a toothpick, a round about or riding the escalator.  I want to live like that more and more.   Then everyday becomes a grand adventure in the ordinary.  I don’t know about you, but I live a lot of ordinary days.  And if I can’t find joy, sacredness, and wonder in the ordinary, then maybe I won’t be able to find it anywhere else either.

To live a dull life is not to live a boring life at all, actually the opposite.  For it’s to those who can find enjoyment in the good things, simple things, small things and ordinary things whose lives perhaps become the richest?

See the Dull Men’s Club Website for more ordinary inspiration like watching an 8 hour movie about sheep or being reminded to saunter.

Prayer:  Change me O God into one who values the ordinary, not just the extraordinary and in doing so finds that the ordinary turns extraordinary.  To be one who does not overlook the simple joys of life, but notices them and lives in grateful awareness.

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