Peony Buds.

“‘Peony hugging,’ I think to myself as I move from clump to clump. Each place I become more aware of the hard and heavy buds. Their weight has already begun to bend the stems toward the ground. In a few days the blossoms will open, and they will be huge. The whole plant will groan. “I think of human blossoming and how much it, too, needs to be staked and supported. We need a circle of friends to hold us if we are going to open like peony buds and let out the beauty that is in us. “How many of us have keeled over just in the time of blooming for lack of support and encouragement? How many of us have not dared to reveal our true selves because we fear being cut, we fear the dying afterward? How many of us say to life, ‘This is a mistake. I can’t do it. It takes more than I’ve got’? “It does take everything we’ve got. I walk around the bed. It is a cradle. The plants reach my navel now. Some have only one bud. Some have two, and some have as many as six blossoms. Their peony natures have said ‘yes’ and have opened. The petals radiate out — white with pink — pink with white. I want to find the nature in me that will say ‘yes’ like this. And I want to support others in their blooming…to be a stake, a circle of twine, an encouragement, a witness.”

(An Excerpt from: “Journeying In Place: Reflections from a Country Garden” by Gunilla Norris.)

Those who are burdened, but opening and coming into “yes” – these are the ones I long to work with, to help, to serve in order that they come alive more fully and freely.

The ones who are bent and burdened but long to stand tall.  Those who are blossoming or desire to.  To support them in their blossoming and help them to flourish.  To simply hold and support people as they open.  As they open to the depths of life, to joy and to God within.  So many people falling or feeling like they’re keeling over as they try to bloom because they don’t have the support and encouragement for their own unique, special individual kind of blooming.  So many, sometimes living in hiding for fear of revealing their true beauty.  The beauty of who they really and truly are.  Fear of being cut by those out there who may not accept them or approve of them and their uniqueness.  Fearing that they’ve not only made a mistake but that they are a mistake.  But within, the longing, the desire, the impulse to come alive to say ‘yes” to life and to open.  I want to say ‘yes’ and I want to help others say ‘yes’ to themselves, to life and to God as well and to simply support them in their beautiful blooming.  I love the words – my task – to be a stake, twine, an encouragement and a witness as I journey with others on their awakening in and to life and faith, themselves and God.  May it be so.

A Prayer:  Thank you God for all those in my life who have supported me like this in my life and times when I’ve needed it the most.  And change me O God into one who will always help and support others in their blossoming and in saying yes to life.  And may I also have within me an eternal “yes” as well.

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