I heard Brian McLaren speak yesterday and he summarized in a sentence what I have often felt in my heart and thought about.  In my tradition of evangelical christianity there is so much emphasis placed on right belief in Jesus and receiving him as Savior so that when we die we can go to heaven.  But what about life between the dates or our birth and death?   What about the “-” the dash?  Doesn’t Jesus have anything to say about that?  Yes, I think he has a lot to say about that but it often gets missed.  The full and abundant life.  The kingdom of God that is not “there” but “here, now, present and within.”  The love to share here and now – in loving others as ourselves and loving God and loving life.

Perhaps this is the reason it seems that so many have lost their passion for the christian life which is so “heavenly minded that it’s no earthly good.”  I don’t know about you but I want to come alive now before I die – to experience eternal life and resurrection life right here and right now.  And I do think that’s possible.  And I think Jesus thought so too.  So perhaps it’s a good idea to figure out this business about “transformation” and enjoy and work for the kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”  And I don’t know that I completely understand it, but maybe we’ll find as Catherine of Sienna said that “it is heaven all the way to heaven.”  And there is more bliss, joy and laughter than many would like to admit and it’s more than all we could ask or imagine.  Available today, in this moment, even before we die and as we come to life and learn to love.

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