Walking Home

“We’re all just walking each other home.”  Ram Daas.

What a beautiful and profound quote.  And what a wonderful spiritial reminder and perspective giver.

This world is not our home.  But often we think it is.  We put a lot of energy into it “down” here.  A lot of concern and worry.  Sometimes we lose our perspective and think this is where we’ll be forever.  We don’t want to even entertain the idea of death, because we have so much invested here.

And we so easily lose our perspective, don’t we?  We get caught up in the details of life, the worries, the anxiety, the minutiae.  And fear grips our hearts.  Fear of everything really.  Fear of life, death, the future, circumstances, the unknown, what lies within us and without us and even the fear of people.  We’re all afraid.  All of us.  Whether we let on to it or not.

We’re like little kids, lost, looking and searching for home.  Whatever the heartache, the longing, the yearning – it’s an ache for home.  To be at home with God, in God’s love and even to be at home and at peace with ourselves in God.  To be at home, to be safe, to be protected, to be at rest, to be secure, to be loved, to be valued, to be cherished.  It’s all about “being” and being home.

This world is not our home.  We are only visiting here for a little while.

It changes things when we start seeing each other as fellow sojourners, fellow pilgrims or simply lost, little kids.

So take someone’s hand figuratively or literally, extend understanding, kindness and love to all you meet on this road.  Make this part of the journey a little bit easier for them.  Be a rest area for others.  Be a way station.  Be an oasis on the journey.  Help them along if they’re limping.  Bandage up their wounds if they’re hurt.  Help them get their bearings.  Point them in the right direction.  Tie their shoes.  Wipe the dust from their brow.  Share some water for a thirsty traveler.  Walk up to the vista and peer out to the in the distance to remind them of their destination.  Hold their hand for a little while as you walk together.  All this might be done literally, but it can also be done symbolically as we send them love with a heart full of love in the hopes of making their journey a little easier.

We’re all journeying to the same destination aren’t we?  Journeying to God?  But it’s all the different pathways we take that are our own unique journey’s.  And for a while, who knows how long – sometimes for a short time and some for a longer time, we meet up with fellow travelers and some mighty companions and walk along together for a while until we part again, and continue on our journey’s with others, but knowing, deep down, that we’ll meet again becasue we’ll all make it home.

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