“The good life starts only when you stop wanting a better one.”  Bertrand Russell

I stumbled upon this quote this week that “hit me like a ton of bricks”.  I live a lot of my life in the future. In some ways in my life right now I feel stuck and I want something better. That’s a part of my personality – always looking for something that’s missing, or the “missing piece” itself or thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. I live for something better in the future. I worry that I won’t “get” that something better in the future. I regret that I don’t have “it” now, whatever that it may be.

Yes, I can set goals, be driven and strive to create a life I’d love and to keep dreaming and envisioning what that could be.  But when that prevents me from enjoying my life now, being present to my life right now and living in joyful appreciation for my life right now, it creates more misery and sadness in my life right now.

The good life starts when I realize how good it is right now.

The good life starts when I live in the awareness of all the goodness in my life right now. and to live in constant appreciation.  Even despite any challenges there is always still so much that is good.  And to not let any longing for the future dissipate my gladness today.

Dear God, help me not to miss my life.  To miss all the good around me now.  Help me not to lose this perspective.  To not borrow any misery from the future that would mar this beautiful good day, this beautiful good life. 


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