The World is not a Courtroom (by Saadi)

The world is not a courtroom,
there is no judge, no jury, no plaintiff.

This is a carvan,
filled with eccentric beings
telling wondrous stories about God.

I met a woman and her husband today and had a deep spiritual conversation and experience with them.  She was a musician who played the cello.  A video was filmed of her playing the cello outside in a sacred spot int he Badlands.  In hew hospital room she shared her video with me.  It was beautiful to watch and listen to and I found myself sighing peacefully as I watched it with them on her laptop.  It was a sacred time and a wonderful deep shared, spiritual moment.  Afterwards I was grateful for this deep, unique, sacred experience I was able to share with them.  And I found myself wanting nothing more than having more of these kind of moments and experiences with people.  That I met them and we had that shared experience was a moment of divine synchronicity.  I’ve been praying each morning that throughout the day I would experience “holy surprises” and “sights of the Father’s love.”  This was a prime example.  Little did I know I’d encounter them today.  And they shared with me their wondrous stories about God.  They enriched my life and I hope I also encouraged them on their way.  The world is not a courtroom, but a playroom, filled with eccentric spiritual beings disguised in human skin, telling wondrous stories about God.

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