Missing Love.

This is an “oldie but a goodie” and one of my favorite songs.  I love the melody, the voice, the music, the feel of it. It summarizes a part of my journey and is also an invitation to return to love.

The whole spiritual journey can be summarized as a journey from fear to love.  Learning how to overcome fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts. For at the core it is all about love.  I’ve even learned that everything a person says or does is either an expression of or a call for love.  And the answer to both is the same one word answer again – love.

Fear and ego go together just like love and the Holy Spirit go together.  All I want to know is this love of God.  God is love.  But it’s getting even more radical and amazing for me, for I’m learning even more deeply that God is ONLY love.  Fear of punishment, vengeance, judgement, is just that – fear.  Only love is real and perfect love casts out fear.  When you read those passages in the Bible that make you afraid, feel guilty and ashamed, is that love or fear talking?!  Return to love.  We miss love when we live in fear.

I can deeply identity with the lyrics below about surviving rather than thriving and the difficulty of trust.  The land of fear for too long has been my native country.  And from hiding underneath a dining room table in fear, to finding refuge in a beautiful church sanctuary to spending time alone now – God has and continues to get in to my heart through the marrow and bone and bring the light of his love.  And it’s continuing and deepening even in these days.  I keep on learning how to be free from fear, shame and guilt and to see myself through through a lovers eyes.  My love story with God continues as I affirm ever more deeply and know the truth in my heart and soul that, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”  (Song of Solomon 6:3).

Give yourself a gift and use this song to reflect on, receive and live in the awareness of this love that “surpasses knowledge,”  (Eph 3.19) and return to this love and be free.


I spent my life learning to survive
Walked down these roads
Hoping each one might lead me home
I learned early on that trust can come undone
And leave your heart guarding it’s deepest part
Oh, But You got in through the marrow and bone
Shed some light where none had shone

I lost
I found
Oh, I was missing love
Oh, missing love
I fought to stand my ground
Oh, I was missing love, oh, missing love

Can you teach me to live as one who’s free
From fear, from shame
And the lie that I’ll never change
Help me to see myself through my Lover’s eyes
No more mask, no disguise

You found me and made me whole again
My Savior, my Friend

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