83 STORIES (so far)

  1. 100 Years (Song by Five for Fighting)
  2. 100 Years of Beauty (Video)
  3. A Good Day (Video w/Brother David Steindl-Rast)
  4. A Party for a Prostitute (Tony Campolo)
  5. A Poem in a Bar – My Worst Day Ever?
  6. A Tandem Bike Ride With God (Anonymous)
  7. Akido With Love (Terry Dobson)
  8. Believe It
  9. Be Kind to Yourself (Song by Andrew Peterson and Story by Tosha Silver)
  10. Can It Get Any Worse? (Hasidic Tale)
  11. Carpe Diem (Video)
  12. Catching Monkeys
  13. Change Your Mind (Song by Sister Hazel)
  14. Chocolate Cookies, Birch Trees and a Blue Sky (WEJ)
  15. Choosing to Dance with Mary (Daniel Taylor)
  16. Connecting with God from the Heart (Song)
  17. Danny & Annie (Video by Story Corps)
  18. Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiments (Video)
  19. Eustace Scrubb the Dragon Meets Aslan
  20. Fellowship of the Unashamed
  21. God Has Memory Issues (Bruce Larson)
  22. Holy Now (Song by Peter Mayer)
  23. I Am Light (Song by India Arie)
  24. I’d Pick More Daisies (Nadine Stair)
  25. If I Had My Life to Live Over Again (Erma Bombeck)
  26. It’s Good to be Dull (Video)
  27. Judas and Jesus Meet Again (Frederick Buechner)
  28. Just Breathe (Video)
  29. Just Laugh, Walter! (Video)
  30. Kind and Generous (Song)
  31. Lazarus Laughed  (Eugene O’Neill)
  32. Let Your Bucket Down
  33. License Plate Message (Frederick Buechner)
  34. Life in Reverse (George Carlin)
  35. Life is a Church (Song by David Phelps)
  36. Maybe (Zen Story)
  37. Missing Love (Song by PFR)
  38. Not a One (Dale Galloway)
  39. Olly, The Tumbling, Bumbling Jack Russell Terrier (Video)
  40. On One Foot
  41. Our Town: “That’s what it was to be alive”
  42. Peony Buds (Gunilla Norris)
  43. Pete the Duck (Alan Cohen)
  44. Poor or Rich
  45. Pray Rain (Gregg Braden)
  46. Prime the Pump
  47. Remembering God
  48. Rule #6
  49. Stop and Hear the Music (Video)
  50. Stop It (Video)
  51. That’s What it Was to Be Alive – Our Town
  52. The Black Dot
  53. The Cracked Pot
  54. The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken
  55. The Fisherman and the Businessman
  56. The Game of Religion
  57. The Great Blondin
  58. The Hospital Window
  59. The Last Letter of Major Sullivan Ballou (Video)
  60. The Lion Who Believed He Was a Sheep
  61. The Parable of the Birds (And Video)
  62. The Parable of the Flood
  63. The Parable of the Twins
  64. The Prisoner Who Was Free
  65. The Prodigal Son in the Key of F
  66. The Other Seven Wonders
  67. The Messiah in Disguise
  68. The Story of the Golden Buddha (Video)
  69. The Struggling Butterfly
  70. Terry’s Song (Song)
  71. Tigers, Mice and Strawberries (Pema Chödrön – at the end of the post for the poem “Relax”)
  72. Tov, Tov, Tov!
  73. Trust (Frederick Buechner)
  74. Twisted Mouth (Richard Selzer MD)
  75. Uncle Seamus (Brennan Manning)
  76. We Were Made for These Times
  77. “What did I Miss?”
  78. When Grieving the Loss of a Dog  (Poems, quotes and reflections)
  79. White Wine in the Sun (Song)
  80. Why Were You Not Zusya?
  81. You Are Beautiful (Video)
  82. Your Breath (Video)
  83. Your Life in Jelly Beans (Video)

Other Stories to Come:

A Thousand Year Journey Wide Awake
Bas Sona
Beautiful Winged Life (Henry David Thoreau)
Birds on a Wire (Video)
Daymaker (David Wagner)
Happiness Revealed (Video)
How a Yellow Car Saved Me (Video)
I’m Awake
Invisible Wings
Lollipop Moments (Video)
One Love Note at a Time (Video)
Player Two
Power Pose – Amy Cuddy (Video)
Singers of Life (Loren Eisley)
Team Hoyt
The Answers (Video)
The China Set
The Last Cab Ride
This is Water (David Foster)
You Are Beautiful
Your Life is Your Story, Make it a Good One (Video)